Our Land

So i thought i would show you the five acres of land that we have been given. We will be free ranging pigs and chickens using the strip grazing technique. The plan is to break the land into 60sqm paddocks with three to four strands of electric fencing wire.


2 thoughts on “Our Land

  1. Hi there! Thanks for your interest in our project.
    We are keeping our breeding hens and rooster on the property we live on so the chickens that will be going on the 5 acres with the pigs will be used for eating (eggs and meat) and any cockerels will be long gone before they are mature enough to start showing signs of aggression. There will also be a bit of a tricky paddock design to keep both parties as safe as possible which i will cover in my next post.
    I hope that i answered your questions, it is good to have feedback to make sure we are covering all bases šŸ™‚


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