Laura’s Famous Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies 1

I thought as my first recipe for the blog i should put up my most famous dish. My chocolate brownies. Now generally a chocolate brownie is a chocolate brownie is a chocolate brownie. A lot of people claim to make the best or know where to buy the best however i am here to tell you that they haven’t tasted mine. And i have proof. I’ve made people sick off my brownies because they are so good – they tell me they are the best chocolate brownies they have ever tasted whilst stuffing their faces, their eyes rolling back into their heads with bliss, long ago lost count of the number eaten, clutching their stomachs because they have had so many and yet cramming more into their mouths because they just can’t stop, almost in tears because they feel so ill from the number they’ve eaten and the richness they’ve consumed yet reaching for another because the taste when bitten into is like a moment of ecstasy. Yes. That is what my chocolate brownies do to people.

Chocolate Brownies 2

However in light of that i have decided that i cannot give my secret away. I would happily give all my other scrumptious recipes to people however not my famous chocolate brownies. That i cannot because i have had too many people, even years later tell me that they’ve never tasted a chocolate brownie like mine. My recipe will go with me to the grave. Or maybe i’ll be nice enough to leave it in my will 😉

So the only way you can partake in these amazing chocolate brownies is if you visit me!

Chocolate Brownies 3


10 thoughts on “Laura’s Famous Chocolate Brownies

  1. Or another way we could taste these famous, delicious chocolate brownies is when you are next in Sydney to bring a batch up with you. Would willing pay you for a batch.

    So love reading your post


    • Haha! I would be honoured to post you some of my brownies however i can’t guarantee they’d be very nice by the time they got to you…You and Evan will just have to come and visit 😉


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