Introduction: The Dog

How does one compact into one blog post all that entails this creature?

Solomon 1

In late March 2012, the cutest Blue Heeler that ever did live was born. After ten weeks, all of his brothers and sisters had been sold and only he was left. His very generous owners, who had heard of a couple wanting an Australian Cattle Dog through their nephew and his wife, blessed this couple with this bundle of joy as they could not afford to purchase him at that time.

Obviously you can guess who that couple was πŸ˜‰

Solomon 2Solomon 3

I’m not going to lie and say it was all peaches and cream from the start. Puppies, just like children, are very energetic and can get up to all sorts of mischief. Kel had grown up with dogs, i on the other hand had not. It was a very large learning curve for me, however i now feel a lot more confident in raising and dealing with dogs (and children i might add – i hate to say it but it is very good practice!).

We wanted to name him something meaningful as we both believe there is a lot of power in a name. We decided on Solomon as we really liked it but we could never name our child Solomon as we are more likely to get a pale, freckled, red-headed child rather than an olive skinned, dark haired, dark eyed child like what a Solomon should really look like. Solomon means ‘Peace’. We think he is still growing into it πŸ˜‰

Originally Solomon was going to be an outside only dog however because it’s just him we felt it was a bit unfair for him to be alone pretty much as soon as it got dark. We started to train him that he could only come inside if he sat on his mat. It took some time but we got there. Sometimes he’s very lucky and gets to sleep inside if it’s really bad weather.

An unforeseen bonus that he came with was that he was already naturally toilet trained. He refused to go anywhere except on the grass. For a ten week old puppy this was amazing! We would obviously let him out regularly if he was inside to “do his business” however if he needed to go, he would cry for awhile and if he really needed to go he’d jump off his mat and run to the door and bark. For the one and a half years that we’ve had him he’s only ever had two accidents inside the house. One because he was half asleep and he must have walked into the other room thinking he was outside and the other because he hadn’t been let out for awhile and we had guests and we think he got a bit excited πŸ˜‰

As we have chickens, we trained him to respect them and protect them. At first all he wanted to do was chase them however he has learned that he’s not allowed. At one point Martha (our feisty Isa Brown), would actually play with him! They were best buddies. They would run around and chase each other and she would peck him and he would snap in the air at her. She would scratch around the place and he would be next to her sniffing everything. She would peck stray food out of his teeth and he liked to lick her occasionally. Sometimes she would be mean and he would get very upset because he knew he wasn’t allowed to be mean back. He is a very good boy.

He’s a very friendly dog who just wants to play with anything and everyone. He gets sad when another dog doesn’t want to play with him (or even a human for that matter!) and if you show him attention then he will be your best friend forever. He is very cheeky yet obedient and we can always tell when he knows he’s doing something wrong, even from far away because instead of wagging his tail, he wags his whole bottom. He loves to swim and when we go and visit Pop and Marzi (Kel’s parents) within five minutes he’s found a bucket filled with water and jumped in it (whether it’s freezing cold or stinking hot!). He loves to chew and any toys are destroyed in about thirty seconds except for his beloved Kong, which no matter how hard he chews it, it is indestructible. He loves eating sticks and chicken poo (which there is an abundance of) so be careful in letting him kiss you! He snorts like a pig, farts like a trooper and sleeps like a baby. We love him to bits and i can’t imagine life without him!

Solomon - Bath Solomon’s first bath

Solomon - TruckIn the back of Daddy’s truck

Solomon - SleepSleepy Solomon

Solomon - CakeI accidentally let the cake cool with the oven door open

Solomon - KongWith his beloved Kong


7 thoughts on “Introduction: The Dog

  1. Awe..I want to love him with you! Our Daisy is an Australian cattle dog mix. She was adopted after being abused. I love her so much. She has such a sweet personality, loving and gentle. I cannot imagine anyone mistreating these animals.


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