As Happy As A Pig In Pasture

Let me introduce you to our pigs.

We bought them on Father’s Day this year when they were about 8 weeks old and had just been weaned. We decided to go with two old English breeds: the English Black and the Berkshire. We purchased a brother and a sister of each and the plan is to eat one of the males and one of the females that way we will be left with one Black and one Berkshire to cross breed.

IMG_1491From left to right: female Black, male Black, male Berkshire and then female Berkshire (she is purebred but her colouring is a throw back)


As far as i know this is the first time these pigs had seen grass and were a little overwhelmed in their new surroundings.

However it did not take them long to start doing what pigs do best, eat!


6 thoughts on “As Happy As A Pig In Pasture

  1. I love pigs…really I do. I would have one of those pot bellied pigs if I could. They always look happy. Happy as a pig in a poke. I was raised on a farm and raised my children on a farm. I must say, you guys are getting along grandly.


    • I wouldn’t say that it’s easy to eat them however it’s in the back of your mind every day when you go and feed them so you get used to the idea when it finally comes time to do the deed. To help with the idea we name the ones we are going to eat things like bacon and prosciutto πŸ™‚


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