Introduction: The Cows

Kel’s parents live on acreage where they raise a small herd of Dexter cattle to supply themselves with their own homegrown, organic and ethical beef. An opportunity popped up where three Dexters were for sale; a pregnant cow and two heifers. They were going to buy them and asked if we would like to go halves. We certainly did and now we have our own source of homegrown, organic, ethical beef too.

We bought them in August of last year. The two young heifers were quite scared and it has taken a bit to tame them. They came with names already and between the four of us we couldn’t decide on new ones so they just stayed the same.

Erica and Erica and Cass, the two young heifers – as you can see they are quite shy!

In late November last year Angelica, the pregnant cow, gave birth to a little baby bull, who we named Chuck after chuck steak as he is destined for the freezer.

Chuck 1

Chuck 2

Chuck 3

He is now a steer having ‘done the deed’ and this is a picture of him now at almost a year old with his Mum, Angelica, who is pregnant again!

Angelica and ChuckAngelica is on the left and Chuck is on the right

For those who have never heard of Dexters, they originated in Ireland and are about half the size of regular cattle. Their bodies aren’t all that much smaller – it’s more that they are a lot shorter. They are a dual purpose breed meaning the are good for both milk and meat unlike a lot of breeds that are only good for one or the other. They are also known for their friendliness and good temperament.

For more information on Dexters you can check out the Dexter Cattle Australia website here.

We hope to be able to milk Angelica when she has a calf at foot in a few months time so as to make our own yoghurt, cheese and ice-cream. You can’t get better than that!


9 thoughts on “Introduction: The Cows

  1. I LOVE IT that you named him “Chuck” and why you named him that. That’s too funny. Whenever I see deer near the road (my saturn is a deer MAGNET, 3 deer have hit me) I name them, Sloppy Joes, Tacos, Burger, Spaghetti, etc. Venison is a very good meat also. ~Gina


    • Oh dear (Haha). I almost hit a deer once – that’s scary that you have hit three! Or rather that they hit you…Did you take them home to eat πŸ˜‰
      Venison is very good. It’s not hugely popular over here but it’s around.


      • Sadly no I was not able to eat any of them. They have all bounced off my car and disappeared. I would have loved to have been able to process it and eat it to teach it a lesson. It is very scary to hit a deer. They do so much damage to vehicles


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