Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies – Baby Shower Style!

A month or two ago i was invited to a baby shower for a member of our church. We were required to bring a dish and immediately all sorts of baked goods came to mind. However the thought of something to do with babies won out and i trawled eBay looking for cookies cutters. This is what i found:

Cookie CuttersPerfect!

I decided to use an unusual but favourite recipe. It is one i found one day when i needed to use some cream cheese up (it was frozen so no good for a cheesecake unfortunately). Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies. It’s really hard to describe them (apart from being delicious!). They are kind of like a cross between shortbread and pastry and they aren’t overly sweet but very buttery. You can find the recipe here.

I had a lot of fun making them but i think they look better before they were baked. You can dust with icing sugar for a bit of extra sweetness or decorate even further if you have the inclination!

Uncooked Cream Cheese Sugar CookiesCooked Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies


9 thoughts on “Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies – Baby Shower Style!

  1. I’ve just recently heard of cream cheese sugar cookies. I haven’t made or tried them yet. Have you used the butterscotch chips yet? How’s your twinkie supply doing? ~Gina

    PS. I have off the next two weeks, don’t need to go back to work until Jan 6 so there will be nights where I don’t need to go to bed, we could skype!


    • We haven’t used the butterscotch chips yet as we want to make something worthy of them, haha. And we’ve eaten probably two thirds of the Twinkies. I will have to give you an update!

      AND YES!!! We should definitely Skype. My family is coming to stay until around NYE so i might not be able to until they’ve left. Anyway I’ll message you and we can keep in contact πŸ™‚ Has your laptop been fixed?


      • yes, the laptop is back to normal now with a brand spanking new hard drive. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pay for a whole new computer. It runs MUCH better now. We’ll stay in touch and make Skype plans after the new year starts.


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