It All Started With A Can Of Cheddar Cheese Soup…

Through our blogging we have made new friends all over the globe. One day i was reading one of these said friends’ blog posts and canned Cheddar Cheese soup was mentioned. What was this phenomenon, i wondered? Anyway one thing lead to another and soon enough we were both putting together “care packages” of various foods native to our home countries to send. Gina received her care package first and you can read about it here.

Mid November, i received mine in the mail:

Care PackageI opened it:

Open Care PackageI was very excited at this point. And Gina had not only sent various foods from the USA for us to try but also a scarf she crocheted herself, a book written by her Dad (read the review here from my other blog) and a cute little gift for when i lend people my books. I was so touched!

Care Package Contents - GiftsThen of course the item that started it all:

Cheddar Cheese SoupAnd the rest of the goodies:

Care Package Contents - FoodWe opened the candy corn first. Kel had tried it before but i hadn’t. It was really good! It was sweet and buttery, just like munching a buttered corn on the cob.

Since then we have tried:

  • Twinkies: They taste good but weird at the same time. They definitely taste like they would last 100 years
  • Goober: Great combination, love it – and their peanut butter is so much smoother than ours!
  • Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte: The first time i made one of these (according to the directions on the back of the pack), it wasn’t that great. It just tasted like a regular coffee (that was a bit too sweet for us). Anyway Kel made it again but instead of making it the way they tell you to, he treated the sachet like hot chocolate powder. He poured the sachet in a mug with a little bit of hot water and stirred, then he steamed some milk and poured it in. And it was way better! You could really taste the pumpkin spice. I really want to try a proper one though
  • Lemonhead: These were great because they were sweet yet they really packed a punch in the lemon department
  • Sno Caps: They reminded me of miniature freckles, which is always a good thing
  • Jolly Rancher: Woah, way too sweet for me
  • Funyuns: Great idea and they were good however i do prefer real deep fried onion rings
  • Hostess Apple Pie: YUM!!! It was like a Macca’s Apple Pie (we heated it slightly before we ate it)
  • Nutter Butter: I don’t know what i was expecting but i wasn’t expecting what they were. They were two biscuits with a layer of peanut butter between them. As Kel said when we were eating them, the biscuits tasted like they were made out of peanut shells and butter (which was a good thing)

When we taste the rest of our goodies i will give you an update on what we thought of them. I think what we did was such a cool idea and it might become a yearly occurrence!


11 thoughts on “It All Started With A Can Of Cheddar Cheese Soup…

  1. Gina is so cool! What a neat idea. I should have sent you collard seeds. You will have to email me an address. You will love the cheesy, salty goldfish…I can’t get enough of them πŸ™‚


    • She is!
      They sound so good that is why i am saving them for when i really want them because you can’t really get anything like them over here 😦
      Oh that would be fun! However would customs be okay with seeds do you think?


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  3. Hey hey!!! I’m so glad we did this. It was so much fun! I’m looking forward to doing it again. I agree the Jolly Ranchers are way too sweet. There are probably another dozen or so flavors of the goldfish crackers so I can always send more of those. And of course I’ll send more of the things you really liked. And soda crackers! Those are the biscuits in the lemon cremes you sent me. I think the way you made the latte with the steamed milk was the best way to make that. I went into Starbucks the other day and saw the new flavor was “Flan”. GAK. Flan flavored coffee? Gross! ~Gina


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