It’s Cold Outside…

Well the incubators have been turned off after a little over nine months. It’s almost Winter here and it’s becoming too cold to rear chicks (well with our setup anyway). It’s also a good idea to have a break as one needs rest. Plus it helps to have time to reflect on everything that has happened. Work out what worked well and what didn’t, how we can improve on our systems and to plan for how we’re going to proceed from here.

It’s been a huge learning curve for the both of us. Personally I’ve done things in the past year I never dreamed that I would do, let alone COULD do. I have been pushed not just out of my comfort zone but so far beyond it, I don’t know what my comfort zone is anymore.

We’ve made brilliant choices and grave mistakes however all in all we’ve constantly sought God about everything and constantly reevaluated when something isn’t working. We’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears and our money! into this and at many points we have had to stop and rethink and redo the entire thing, which has been hard, don’t get me wrong, however we’d rather do that than try and make something work that isn’t. It’s a tough decision to make however a necessary one if you want to move forward. One of the hardest decisions in life is letting go.

Anyway as the days are getting shorter and we’re slowing things down over here, we thought we’d use this time to recap our venture thus far as we have been a little slack in keeping up to date as everything’s been happening. Hopefully now we will have the time and by the time Winter is over, we shall be up to date!


9 thoughts on “It’s Cold Outside…

  1. “I have been pushed not just out of my comfort zone but so far beyond it, I don’t know what my comfort zone is anymore.”

    Such an apt description of learning to farm! I look forward to hearing the specifics.


  2. Love the comment, that “I have been pushed not just out of my comfort zone, but so far beyond, I don’t know what my comfort zone is anymore”.. Life if we allow it with God, can be like that. Uncomfortable, joyful, exciting, exhilarating. Love reading your journey into the things of farming, cooking and life in general. Keep going, and continue to take us along with you both.


  3. i live on ecuador’s pacific coast, and we don’t have the contrast of short days/vs long days between the solstices. we also don’t have extreme cold or extreme heat. i don’t envy your short cold days, but how well i remember those times when i lived in the northern hemisphere! quite soon those days will start getting longer, and you’ll be writing about the explosion of growth and color and the wonders of springtime!

    sign me up!



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