Homemade Unsweetened Apple Sauce

A few weeks ago a customer gave us two bags of Granny Smith apples from their tree. They told me that the apples make great apple sauce.

I’ve been wanting to try sweetening cakes with apple sauce rather than sugar (unsweetened apple sauce obviously) and so I thought that this would be a fantastic opportunity to do so. And if I didn’t like cake made with apple sauce…well we have plenty of pork!

I found a recipe here for unsweetened apple sauce however as usual I didn’t follow it.

All I did was core, peel and dice the apples and then put them into a pot of boiling water and boil them until softened. Then I stuck our stick mixer in the pot and whizzed until all of the apples were blended. Then back onto the heat to thicken slightly as I didn’t pour the water off before blending, and Voila! Unsweetened apple sauce. Obviously you can add an array of spices to yours however I wanted to use mine instead of sugar so just plain old apple sauce for me.

Out of two bags of apples (and not all of them okay) I was able to make 12 jars of unsweetened apple sauce. Bonus! I sterilised some old jars to store the apple sauce in however I didn’t “can” them so instead I just froze them – remember though that if you do this then you need to allow for the contents to expand slightly so don’t fill the jars right up to the top!

I feel like a true housewife now šŸ™‚

Homemade Apple Sauce


7 thoughts on “Homemade Unsweetened Apple Sauce

  1. I love no sugar added apple sauce and compote. I usually make a cross between the two I think, I like to have some chunks left in the apple sauce, yum!


  2. I often substitute applesauce for oil in recipes, but, most often in making banana bread. Love it.
    I didn’t realize you could just freeze the jars instead of going the full canning method. I will definitely try it (leaving head room, of course, of course šŸ™‚ ) this fall, hoping we have a windfall of apples as we did last fall.


    • Applesauce seems to be a substitute for so many things! I am looking forward to baking with it as i haven’t before.

      Haha. Yes, freezing seems to work well. I just pull out a jar a day before i want to use it and it defrosts nicely. Not sure how it defrosts in the microwave if you’re in a hurry though!


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