And Then There Was A Bun In The Oven…Well More Than One Actually

So Miss Piggy is pregnant. And she is ready to pop. And we didn’t realise. And we’re going to Europe in a month. Yep.

The thing is she’s been appearing to come into season every three weeks. It’s only when her middle started dropping and her teats started developing that Kel was like hang on a sec…I was adamant that she couldn’t be. After all. They’ve been separated since the end of May when we knew we were going to Europe in September/October (immaculate conception anyone?). She must have fallen pregnant before they were separated. Yet like clockwork she came into season three weeks later. Well appeared to.

Kel rang the bloke we bought them off to come and have a look to make sure. And he was like yep, she’s ready to pop. Probably a week or two.

That was a week ago.

So we are expecting piglets. Soon.

We’re really excited!

So much for sharing the pregnancy journey though!

Miss Piggy Pregnant 00That’s one pregnant pig

Miss Piggy Pregnant 01Check out those teats!

UPDATE: I wrote this post in the morning and she had piglets this evening!!! Will post again tomorrow with photos.


9 thoughts on “And Then There Was A Bun In The Oven…Well More Than One Actually

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    • They can do! Nah, maybe not as bad as rabbits 😉 She can have at least two litters a year, if not more. And their first is usually one of their smallest until they start getting too old. Her mother throws 20 to a litter!

      Also we’re going to keep them feeding off of her until she kicks them off naturally. So she will be separated from Kermit until they are weaned, if not longer. Otherwise she could get pregnant again a lot sooner!


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