Cute, Little Piglets – Need I Say More?

As promised here are the photos of our piglets!!!

Piglets 00Having a suckle

Piglets 01Move over!

Piglets 02This is my favourite photo. Miss Piggy has her head buried in the straw – too funny

Miss Piggy gave birth to eleven piglets in total. Sadly one was not alive when we arrived – it looks as though it may have died from being squashed. Unfortunately this is the reality of raising pigs. She squashed a couple more while we were there however luckily we were able to rescue them. They seem to have recovered okay however it was awful at the time! We think we may have arrived almost straight after she had given birth so she was still getting her head around things (understandably – can you imagine the first time you gave birth, that it was to eleven babies?). She has since really settled into being a mother and is a lot more careful (although Kel said she trod on one of the piglets feet and it squealed no end!)

So there you have it. We’ll be sure to post regular updates as they grow so fast!

If you’re not up to date and you’re wondering how all of a sudden we had piglets, be sure to read And Then There Was A Bun In The Oven…Well More Than One Actually


9 thoughts on “Cute, Little Piglets – Need I Say More?

  1. They’re so adorable! Cute enough to eat! πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad you don’t keep her in a farrowing box, even if she did squash one. Those things are horrible! Can you imagine being locked up in a tight crate to give birth? Yikes!


  2. Love the cute little piggies πŸ™‚
    I’m doing a course on animal welfare at the moment and it is so nice to see these photos in comparison to the material I have been looking at for the last few weeks of my course.
    I can only hope that one day I will be able to purchase similarly ‘home grown’ meat products.


    • Oh I’m sure that what you have to look at (and read about) is simply awful 😦 It is so nice to see these little ones running around in the grass (and trying to eat it like Mum).


    • Haha. There can be throwbacks from way down the line if there was a different breed or something. And they are so cute! You make me laugh, “I just want to bottle feed one.” Too funny!


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