Piglet Update!

As promised here is an update on our ten little piglets (And Miss Piggy). They are now 18 days old (yikes!).

Piglets 03

Piglets 08

Piglets 07

Piglets 06

Piglets 04

As you can see, they have grown however are still very small and cute.

Piglets 05Watching this made me cringe majorly as i was imagining having to breastfeed ten babies!!!

The paddock has been shredded quite a bit, which is to be expected because Miss Piggy has been in there for around three weeks now! Usually the pigs get moved into a new paddock each week however Miss Piggy and her piglets will stay in the one paddock while they are small and she is still feeding. Also this is the only paddock that not only has electric fencing however mesh fencing as well. This is to keep the piglets in and to train them with the electric fencing. When we get back from Europe they will be ready to move into electric fencing only paddocks, which will be moved each week onto fresh pasture.

Here is a video so you can see them exploring with their Mum. They are so funny!



9 thoughts on “Piglet Update!

  1. They’re SO cute! I kept waiting for the one at the right side of the video to touch his ear to the hot wire and squeal, but I guess he was staying down low enough to avoid a rude shock. 🙂


    • Haha. Yep. Kel had to wire a few more strands because they kept running under it and we want them to get used to the electric fencing. They weren’t too impressed when it was at their height though! Lots of squealing!


  2. omg they are adorable! They are so tiny compared to their mum! You’re going to miss those little piggies when you go on vacation. You should have Kel set up a piggycam so you can watch them while you’re gone.


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