We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

And we are back!

Well we had a great adventure traveling to China, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England, Scotland, France, Spain and Japan. We took around 40GB of photos (well Kel did!) that we now have to sort through however we hope to do it soon so we can share with you our amazing journey. There is so much to tell!

We also haven’t forgotten that we still have to update you on our farming activities so you’ll probably see a mixed bunch of posts until we’ve caught up!

I’ve also started catching up on my blog reading – I’m looking forward to reading about what you’ve all been up to.


8 thoughts on “We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

    • Thank you! Yes, the food. I’m looking forward to blogging about that. The piggies aren’t as little however they aren’t as big as i thought they would be! They are so cute though. When we feed and water them they drink and eat until they can’t fit anymore in and then they waddle around with these huge bellies. So cute!


  1. Welcome back! I was wondering about you recently . . . glad to hear you’re home safely! Looking forward to hearing farm news and travel news, too–and lots of photos of both! Isn’t it wonderful to come home? 🙂


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