A Sad Day

Originally today’s post was going to be about our ten little piglets and how they are doing. However as of last Sunday we now only have nine 😦

On Saturday we noticed that the runt of the litter was lying around listlessly. We thought she was dehydrated because it was so hot however she refused to drink any water. We noticed her stomach was enlarged so we figured that she must have had “bloat”. It’s uncommon in pigs however the day before Kel had fed the piglets two huge bags of baby carrots with their green carrot tops still attached so it was highly probable that is what it was.

We figured that she must have absolutely gorged herself hence why she was in this condition. Kel massaged, burped and farted her for hours and hours. She pooed regularly, letting it all out and by the evening she had started to improve. She slept well and the next morning she had a big drink. Except that she was wheezing. Did she have pneumonia? Kel’s mum felt her throat and found a lump. Then she blew up like a balloon again and was worse than the day before. We realised then that maybe she hadn’t been suffering from just bloat. She had something stuck in her throat and she was wheezing and sucking in air because she couldn’t breathe properly. We rang the vet however because it was the weekend they only have an on call emergency vet. And he didn’t answer his phone. We left a message and tried again. Still no luck. By this time Kel was trying everything he could think of however she soon died in his arms having choked to death.

It breaks our heart that she left this world that way however we know she had a happy life in the time that she lived – no concrete floors or cages here.

Dead RuntGoodbye little piggy


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