The Cut Up

Last Thursday the mobile butcher came back to cut up Kermit and Chuck. Little pig isn’t going to be cut up as we’re going to roast her on a spit.

Previously we have only hung our meat for a week as that’s what the butcher’s normal is however we decided we wanted to hang the meat for two weeks instead and we are much happier with the results. The meat hung only for a week tended to always be extremely bloody. The meat hung for two weeks was a lot less and we’ve also found that when cooked, the meat holds its juices rather than just leaking out into the pan as it tended to do before. The only difference is we have to pay for an extra week when hiring the mobile cool room from the butcher – we think it’s definitely worth it.

Chuck was cut up mainly into steaks with a bit of mince. Kel specified our steaks to be super thick as you can see in the photo below. Those steaks are going to be good!

T-Bone Steaks

With Kermit, we had the pork bellies left intact so we could make our own bacon, only prime cut steaks and the rest was minced. Half of the mince was fatty and half was not so much – the fatty mince is what you make sausages out of.

As Kel’s parents owned half of Chuck, we obviously only got half of him however they didn’t want to halve his offal 😉 With both Chuck’s offal and Kermit’s offal, Kel boiled it all and portioned it up for Solomon’s dinners. The way he did it also created a huge amount of gravy so not only does Solomon get cooked offal for dinner, he also gets offal gravy on it too!!!

Solomon's DinnerSolomon’s Decadent Dinner

Kel has been super busy roasting bones, fat and sinew to boil and create both stock and clarified fat. Clarified fat, also known as Lard, when made properly can last forever and is really good to not only cook with but also to season cast iron. We use mainly cast iron cookware so now we have enough lard to probably last us, maybe a few weeks?

Jars of LardThe jars go back five rows

A few Christmas’ or birthdays ago I bought this book for Kel:

The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book

With the pork bellies and fatty mince to use it was time to crack it open to make our own bacon and sausages. Obviously we’ve done both before however the book contains recipes for certain types of bacon and sausages and we having been wanting to try them. We decided to try as many of the recipes as possible however I’ll leave that for another post just to keep your taste buds in suspense 😉


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