Escape To The Bush

This post follows on from The Next Chapter In Our Chicken Saga.

One day Kel went to attend to the chickens and the pigs as he usually did however when he arrived there was not a chicken in sight. Although they wandered outside the electric fencing, he could usually see them pecking about. As he got closer, he saw the ground covered in feathers.

Whether it was a fox or a dog, it had obviously taken the opportunity to strike when it realised that the pigs couldn’t get out of the electric fencing and protect the wandering chooks.

Kel searched around for any carcasses or chooks that might have survived and he found the bodies of both the rooster with the bad legs that had survived the first cull and a hen. Where were the rest of the flock?

Kel searched and called, banging on their food bucket as he went. As he trudged deeper and deeper into the bush, he came across Arnie, the rooster he couldn’t bring himself to cull. When he approached Arnie, Arnie started to call and soon hens started slowly appearing, having previously been hidden in the surrounding bush. They gathered to Arnie and Kel was amazed. Arnie the rooster had gathered his flock and fled deep into the bush and hidden them. He trusted Kel enough that it was now safe so Kel started to lead the way out of the bush, Arnie following with his hens close around him.

Arnie had definitely earned his right to not be our dinner!

As epic as this tale is, the truth was that the chickens were vulnerable roaming the way they were so as much as we thought “The Pig And Poultry Plan” was perfect, alas it was only so when the chickens remained in the paddock with the pigs!!!


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