Grain Free AND Dairy Free? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

If you are a regular follower you know that we are aiming for a grain free diet because for some reason it cleared up all of my acne (click here to catch up on that post).

When I fell pregnant I succumbed to the usual symptom of being pregnant – morning sickness. I had every intention of remaining grain free plus I had high hopes of being sugar and caffeine free (who was I kidding). I managed it for the first three months however when the morning sickness DIDN’T GO AWAY at that point, my resolve started slipping. Whoever named it morning sickness obviously had never really experienced it. All day sickness more like it! It was relentless and when it was still going strong through the second trimester I gave in. It was a cold day so I heated up a vegetable pastie and ate it. It sat like a lump of concrete in my gut – and I’d never felt so good!!! After that I slowly introduced grain again. Not everything though. Just because it was grain didn’t automatically mean it helped. White bread and crackers didn’t do a thing. However dense Hot Cross Buns were amazing. You might say I could have baked dense grain free foods. And you’re right. I tried. However for some reason they aren’t as plain and have a taste that set me off. I made these delicious coconut flour dinner rolls before I had morning sickness however I made them again during and even now I feel sick thinking about them. Even the smell makes me want to vomit. I also gave into sugar because I was having grain again. Funnily enough I didn’t have all that much caffeine though. That came later on when he was born 😜

Anyway I felt super guilty because I wanted to be so healthy for our unborn child and I’d completely fallen off the bandwagon. However I came across another blogger who was going through the same thing and I’d link the article however she has since deleted her blog. Basically she pointed out that while you have morning sickness – your one goal is survival. So very true. And unfortunately I had it for eight of the nine months that I was pregnant. The most difficult thing was that I couldn’t even drink a lot of water. Some of the super hot days, if I drank too much water in one go – I would just spew it straight back up. I had to have constant little sips. It drove me nuts. I used to daydream of being under a waterfall and just gulping the water down. Anyway funnily enough THE DAY he was born I was able to gulp down water again. Weird.

Anyway I’m totally off track. So I went back on grain. However my skin remained PERFECT. I had concluded that my acne was hormonal and for some reason grain was altering my hormones and causing my skin to break out so it made sense that while pregnant, where my hormones are all over the place, that it would make a difference.

Anyway soon after giving birth, I could feel my skin reacting again when I ate grain. I don’t know how to describe it except that it gets really itchy and irritated and I just want to rub my face all day and I can feel the oil oozing out of my pores. However trying to eat grain free after a new baby and breastfeeding for the first time? It was hard enough finding time to make food and enough of it, let alone grain free! Anyway I tried to eat as well as I could and my skin didn’t go back to the way it was pre grain however it wasn’t clear anymore and my skin was quite bumpy and rough.

When Ethan was around three months old, he was diagnosed with Cows Milk Protein Intolerance (CMPI). And for the sceptics out there, he had blood on his stools.
Anyway there are two options when this happens: 1) You continue breastfeeding however you must strictly adhere to a dairy free diet 2) You put the infant on a hydrolyzed/hypoallergenic formula.

It took so much hard work to breastfeed that I wasn’t about to give that up in a hurry once we’d actually succeeded so dairy free for me it was. I threw grain free out the window for the time being until I’d gotten in the groove of dairy free and had time to figure out appropriate meals and snacks that could be both.

And then the conundrum. My skin cleared and I was acne free again. Even though I was eating grain at almost every meal.


I mean, I’ve read that dairy can give you acne, but seriously?! Just like grain, it was that simple a solution all along? And after all that time of touting grain free when dairy is a culprit too? And I was eating copious amounts of dairy when I was grain free and having clear skin…I WAS SO CONFUSED!!!

I guess like I concluded before, the acne is caused by my hormones and for some reason my body can handle grain or dairy but not both together.

Anyway the question now is…when he weans, which option will
I choose?



6 thoughts on “Grain Free AND Dairy Free? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

  1. Welcome to the world of food intolerance. What scares me, is that scientists say they will soon be able to make “meat” (looks like, tastes like) from vegetables, and now add omega oils to lamb. As long as they are clearly labelled, fine, but for people like me, who is reactive to amines and salicylates, amongst other things, it could be deadly. Wish you luck with your experimenting……..


  2. I had know idea you were so sick during your pregnancy 😞 I’m so sorry.
    As a dairy free person the thing I miss is CHEESE! All the rest I can do without but how I long for cheese!
    I’ll be interested to see what you decide.
    My take would be – you found lots of great alternatives to grain, even being able to bake nice bread etc. But can you find/make an alternative to cheese! I know you are partial to a good cheese…

    Interestingly in my small office of around a dozen people there are now 3 of us dairy free and an increasing number saying that they can’t eat much dairy without feeling an adverse effect.


    • Well the up side was i didn’t put on much weight 😉
      Oh i totally forgot that dairy doesn’t agree with you! Dairy free buddies! Sarah G is now too.
      Yeah, I’m not sure what i will choose. Dairy free seems to be easier when eating out than grain free. Not that i eat out much, ha!
      It’s funny you mention cheese…i actually think i overdid it over those few years because apart from cheese on things like pizza, cheese platters make me a bit queasy. Too much of a good thing!


  3. This all must be so confusing for you – and hard to plan meals as well not feeling your best. Best wishes to you as you continue to deal with this – and you will find the right balance of wheat/dairy and whatever else might be the culprit.

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