No Bake Peanut Snowballs

In less than a month our kitchen hand turns one (No surprises that we can’t believe it’s been a whole year since he was born).

Obviously we are having a party and we thought it would be fun to have it “Disney” themed. We tried to think of food we could prepare that related to every Disney movie however it’s a lot harder than you would think and a lot of work, and really, the food ideas we came up with, well most of it didn’t really meld together (corn on the cob for Pocahontas, sushi for The Little Mermaid, some kind of Indian curry for The Jungle Book, hummus dip for Aladdin). So it was back to the drawing board.

The party is for Ethan, so i thought, well all the food should be for him too. After all, don’t we have all of our favourite foods at our own birthday parties? Then i came up with a list of all of his favourite foods. And i thought, this is great, we can even have a little sign on the food table saying “All food on this table is a favourite of Ethan’s as well as being dairy free. Feel free to feed him anything”. After all, how often in a large gathering unless you’ve strapped your child to your chest, someone feeds them something outrageous or they help themselves if they are old enough! This way there would be no worries there.

I realised though that ALL of the items on the list were savoury. Obviously we haven’t fed him sugary treats yet however he’s not really even a fan of fruit. He wouldn’t care if we didn’t have any sweet options however i thought it might be nice to have some on offer for those with more of a sweet tooth. However they still would have to be Ethan friendly. That’s when i started trawling my favourite food blogs and this beauty was my first bookmarked recipe to try on him.

Now, i must still have baby brain because i swore i had pecans in the cupboard so didn’t buy them when i bought the other ingredients (mainly just the Medjool dates). When i went to make them, i was so disappointed to find that i didn’t have any pecans, that i decided to substitute some peanuts I’d recently roasted for Kel because although it would be a different flavour, i would be able to gauge whether it was a yay or nay for Ethan.

Well. After i had made them, i picked one up and ate half, giving the other half to Ethan to try. He took a tentative bite and chewed, then stuffed the rest of it into his mouth. I gave him another one, which he proceeded to stuff entirely into his mouth and suck on. Definitely a Yay!

You can find the recipe for the real version (No Bake Pecan Snowballs (Paleo, Vegan)) here. Otherwise you can substitute the pecans for peanuts like i did and this is what you will get:


So yummy! Like a ball of peanut buttery goodness.


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