RIP 50 Cent

This post follows on from Escape To The Bush.

As “The Pig And Poultry Plan” was no longer working and our chickens were vulnerable to attack, we temporarily moved all of them into our backyard while Kel figured out what to do.

As we already had a flock of hens and a rooster (50 cent) at our place, our backyard was severely overcrowded. However they were safe from attack. Or so we thought.

Without going in to too much detail because it involves our neighbours (who we are on good terms with still however I don’t feel right talking about them on the Internet!), basically their new rescue dog kept escaping and it took a liking to our chooks. Consequently 50 Cent was badly injured, and we hoped he might survive and make it through however alas he did not. We were pretty devastated and I witnessed the whole thing (which brings back a whole bunch of bad memories and it’s a bit hard writing this post to be honest).

50 Cent Vs. Martha
50 Cent and Martha

On a positive note, Martha was attacked and she survived, the tough little chook that she was.

Anyway this meant we had to get the chooks out of our backyard and somewhere safer.

We decided the best option was to use electric netting (which we bought from here) and Kel’s parents let us set it up on their acreage (we have the use of one of their paddocks to move the chooks around).

Source: The Farmers Mailbox

Although they aren’t cooped up by any means, we were sad that they aren’t true free range anymore, being able to roam anywhere they liked. However they still have the grass under their feet and the sky above their heads and a good space to roam and most importantly they are safe.



3 thoughts on “RIP 50 Cent

  1. I’m so sorry about poor 50 Cent. It sounds like he died trying to protect his flock. We once saw a rooster fling himself in front of our dog who was chasing a chicken, and the dog turned after him. Everyone escaped intact, and our dog even learned NOT to chase chickens because he adores my husband so much, and my husband didn’t want him to. Of course that rooster turned on me, later, so he had to RIP, too. It sounds like poor 50 Cent leaves a more noble legacy. So sorry about the neighbor’s dog and you witnessing the attack. That’s truly traumatic! We gave up long ago on letting our chickens free range, but we finally let them loose in the barnyard where they had the barn to get under if they needed to. They seemed quite happy there and didn’t seem to miss the free-ranging. And I didn’t miss worrying about them constantly!

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    • What i loved about him was that he was such a great Dad. He was so diligent in looking after the chicks and protecting them and making sure they were all accounted for. Best Dad Ever.
      Yes, i can imagine that you didn’t miss worrying about them constantly!


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