Bee’s Wrap Review – Part 2

If you didn’t read part one, you probably should so: Bee’s Wrap Review – Part 1.

To test out the Bee’s Wrap, i used it to wrap some freshly cut pumpkin last Tuesday. I left it in the fridge until last night (Monday) so it was in there for essentially a week. I was super impressed with the results as you can see in the video below.

I realise i probably should have taken a photo of the pumpkin before i wrapped it (oops) so it was easy to compare the before and after (i know for next time).

img_4791After a week of being wrapped in the fridge

Overall i would definitely recommend Bee’s Wrap as a natural alternative to plastic/cling wrap. It’s so easy to use, it keeps food really well – better than plastic/cling wrap, and it’s easy to clean after being used (just a rinse in cold, soapy water and then hang out to dry. Once dry, fold and store for next time).

Again if you’re interested in buying it yourself, you can purchase it from their website. If you join their email list, you get 15% off your first order. And no we weren’t paid by them, this post is completely off our own bat. Like everything we post, we just wanted to share our experience and help others in living a more sustainable lifestyle!


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