Recipe Recommendation: November

This month is a little different.

First of all, it seems that i haven’t really tried out many other people’s recipes. The unfortunate reality is that i have. They just haven’t been any good so i don’t want to recommend them. Secondly, like the month of September, I’ve been cooking and baking, just using a lot of recipes that are my own.

However i do have a recipe to share! It’s not for something you eat though…

For over ten years now, instead of shaving my underarms, i have been waxing them. I used to get them waxed, then when the budget got tighter, Kel would wax them for me using sugar wax, which is a homemade wax made of sugar, water and lemon juice. For years now, i have never found a recipe that i liked and the sugar wax has always been a bit, well, crap. I ran out of my last batch about a month ago so i found another recipe to try and IT WAS AMAZING. When Kel ripped back that strip, you could hear the shhhiiick of the hairs being ripped out all through the house. It was FANTASTIC.

So if you’re looking for a sugar wax recipe, i highly recommend this one.

How to Make All Natural Wax for Leg Hair Removal

I was tempted to have a before and after shot of my underarms to show how amazing it was however i wasn’t game as this is mainly a food blog. Ha.




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