Recipe Recommendation: December

Well i haven’t been having a lot of luck lately with other people’s recipes as once again, i have NO recipes to recommend!

January is sure to be a month of trying many other people’s recipes as i have lots of ingredients to use up (you know when you have jars of things in the fridge and you just want them GONE). So hopefully i will have at least one!

Anyway, so i don’t leave you empty handed, these were our Christmas Eve treats that i baked/assembled. Coconut Ice (bottom container was for Kel’s Dad as his Christmas treat), traditional Scottish petticoat tails, and rum balls decorated as Christmas puddings (the ones on the left are alcohol free for Kel’s Mum). I didn’t have any rum though did i? So i used some homemade scotch that one of our customers gave us for Christmas – delicious! And for my first attempt, i am actually SO proud of my little Christmas puddings.


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