Recipe Recommendation: May

These are the recipes that I’ve tried from other bloggers/websites that I haven’t altered that we’ve really enjoyed for the month of May. It’s nice to recommend others plus it’s also encouraging to know the recipe didn’t just work for the person posting it but for others too (I’ve tried so many recipes that just simply haven’t worked).

Fresh Tomato Spinach Garlic Pasta

Fresh Tomato Spinach Garlic Pasta

I’ve followed Andrea’s blog Cooking with a Wallflower for quite some time now and i thought it was high time i tried one of her recipes. I already had all the ingredients on hand for this recipe so hence why i chose this one. It was super delicious! Tomatoes aren’t in season for us at the moment so they are a bit watery and mine didn’t stay together like they usually would but that doesn’t matter! And i cheated and used frozen spinach so even though it was tasty, it doesn’t look as presentable as Andrea’s 😉

Creamy Broccoli and Spinach Pasta

Creamy Broccoli and Spinach Pasta

I don’t know if i can really recommend the original recipe for this one as i altered it a bit too much however i didn’t want to leave it out for this month either. I’m sure the original is delicious, i just didn’t have the seeds on hand (pepitas and sunflower) and instead of using evaporated milk and lemon juice, i thought I’d give the Greek yoghurt substitution a go that everyone is touting is a healthier alternative. It worked out wonderfully! Super tasty.


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