Recipe Recommendation: January

These are the recipes that I’ve tried from other bloggers/websites that I haven’t altered that we’ve really enjoyed for the month of January. It’s nice to recommend others plus it’s also encouraging to know the recipe didn’t just work for the person posting it but for others too (I’ve tried so many recipes that just simply haven’t worked).

75 Calorie Super Greens Energy Balls

75 Calorie Super Greens Energy Balls

Awhile ago Kel wanted to up the nutrition in his diet. Apart from the obvious of eating healthier foods for each meal and snack, he wanted to give a greens powder a go to give him an extra boost. After trying it with water, juice, even mixed into a smoothie, it was obvious that this was not going to be an enjoyable daily ritual but a necessary evil. He didn’t find the taste enjoyable and nor could he mask it. It soon fell by the wayside. A few weeks ago i was trying to come up with healthier snack alternatives for him that i could make when i received this recipe in an email from The Healthy Mummy. Above was my first attempt. Kel tried one and didn’t really like it. Oh well. It was worth a go. Anyway i get a text later on that day that he had eaten another one and he didn’t mind it so much, the taste was growing on him. Well he ate the rest of the batch and asked me to make another. And another. I think that it actually was a success then?! He’s said they aren’t the most enjoyable snack in the world however it’s the nicest way to ingest the greens powder and his body feels good eating them. I think that’s a win-win.

Raspberry Cheesecake Protein Bliss Balls

Raspberry Cheesecake Protein Bliss Balls

After the success with Kel’s snack, when i received another email from The Healthy Mummy with this recipe, i knew i had to try it! I LOVE cheesecake and being dairy free means cheesecake is a no-no. Although i found these super tasty, to me they were more like raspberry shortcake than raspberry cheesecake. There’s a lot of almond meal in them, which i think is why. I would definitely still recommend them though!



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