Recipe Recommendation: March

These are the recipes that I’ve tried from other bloggers/websites that I haven’t altered that we’ve really enjoyed for the month of March. It’s nice to recommend others plus it’s also encouraging to know the recipe didn’t just work for the person posting it but for others too (I’ve tried so many recipes that just simply haven’t worked).

No Food Processor Protein Balls

No Food Processor Protein Balls

Awhile ago i bought a giant tub of vanilla flavoured pea protein powder however i much prefer the dairy-free Isagenix shakes so it’s just been sitting there unused. I found this recipe to start using it up! I’m not a huge fan of these protein balls as i find them too rich however Ethan can’t get enough of them (we’ve given him a limit of two per day) and Kel loves them too although they are quite calorie dense so he doesn’t have them that often.

How To Make The Perfect Custard

How To Make The Perfect Custard

I had half a carton of Bonsoy that had been open for too long and i didn’t want to waste it. I had some fruitcake to eat and so i thought, why i don’t make custard? I know how to make custard however i wasn’t sure whether simply substituting the milk would work so i looked up a recipe to guide me. OHMYGOODNESS. This was actually the best custard EVER. You could hardly tell it was made off soy milk and it was SO delicious. Even Kel had a serve and loved it! I’d be interested to try the recipe with other milk substitutes. Highly recommend even for normal milk.


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