Water Kefir

We’ve been interested in the idea of improving our gut health with either Water Kefir or Kombucha for awhile now so when a notice appeared on our local noticeboard from a neighbour with excess Water Kefir grains, we thought, why not?


Water Kefir grains from our neighbour

After searching up various methods for brewing the Water Kefir, I found this one, that after I’ve been using for awhile now, am super happy with.


I accidentally added double the amount of molasses for my first batch, hence why it’s so dark 😛 However since then i have added the correct amount and it looks and tastes much better!

Brewing Water Kefir

Brewing a double batch of Water Kefir

Bottled Water Kefir

Bottled with sugar added for the second ferment









What does it taste like? It actually kind of tastes like beer! Surprisingly enjoyable. Kel has one each night with his dinner, just like you would a beer – except this one is much better for you. His digestive system seems to be going well so here’s hoping it’s doing lots of good and improving his immune system 🙂



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