Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is the physical and psychological well-being of non-human animals.

Not only are ethically raised meat and animal products morally sound; they are also better for you in that they aren’t pumped full of antibiotics and the like and are much tastier so require less seasonings (salt and sugar).

We only try to eat meat that is bred, raised and killed ethically and preferably by us; and animal products from our own animals or that have been locally sourced. We understand that this is not possible for everyone however you can still find out, even visit where your meat/animal products are actually coming from. Especially if you source them locally.

Currently our animals are being killed in the paddocks that they are reared in by a licensed mobile butcher. One minute they are eating grass and the next minute they are hanging in a mobile cool-room kept on our property – killed quickly with as little stress and pain as possible. As the meat never actually leaves our property, we know that the piece of meat we put on our plate is the same piece of meat that we raised in our paddocks.

With the current state of commercial meat production, home-killing on our property is the only way we feel that we can ensure that our animals are treated ethically from birth through to death. We would love to be a source of morally sound meat unfortunately due to Australian Laws, the meat of any animal that is not culled in a registered abattoir, cannot leave the property. Therefore we cannot sell or even give away our meat.

Our dream would be to change the Australian Laws to allow home-killed meat to be sold providing it has been done by a licensed individual in a clean, safe, ethical manner. Our other option in the meantime is to become involved in a morally sound abattoir.


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