Summer Ready

It’s a month until Summer and all of our fruit trees are either in flower or have small clusters of fruit all over them.

In our orchard we have our big old apple tree and a group of self seeded stone fruit trees.

A section of the apple tree – definitely a bit overgrown

img_4803Various stone fruit trees


In the main garden we have our pear tree, dwarf lemon tree (although we think the native lemon it was grafted onto originally has actually taken over because it’s no long dwarf), raspberry canes and a fig tree.

Pear tree

All of those flowers are potential lemons!

Raspberry canes (also very overgrown)

And lastly our fig tree, which is by the pond

We’ve never fully taken advantage of all of the produce our garden gives us and I’m really hoping to this year. I think the key is planning ahead what you’re going to make so when the fruit is ripe and ready, so are you! Instead of having buckets full of fruit sitting around while you try and decide what you’re going to make.

Oh and time. You need plenty of that too!!!

We shall see how I go.