Our 2014 Overseas Adventure: Day 1

How does one recount a six and a half week adventure?

We thought that the best way to do it was to post about each day separately. It might take awhile however it’s not just for others to read about, it’s also for us so that in fifty years down the track we can remember it.

So, Day 1.

Our first flight was from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport to Beijing Capital Airport, flying out at 8PM on Monday 1st September and landing at 5:50AM Tuesday 2nd September.

As we live six hours out of Sydney, we drove up the Saturday before and spent two nights at my parents before our trip. This meant that we could organise ourselves with plenty of time, especially considering all of the animals we have. It also gave us Sunday to shop for anything we needed that we couldn’t get out in the country where we live.

This also meant that the day of our flight was nice and relaxing. We weren’t leaving from our house so there was no last minute cleaning or tidying to do. We had already packed (in fact we repacked on the Monday and left some items of clothing behind, which I’m glad of because I wouldn’t have used them!). We were each taking a hiking pack and a small backpack plus Kel was looking after the camera bag, the camera of which we had borrowed from some friends. This meant we didn’t have a huge amount of room – no unnecessary items!

My Step-Dad and little brother drove us to the airport to see us off. While standing at the customs entrance waving goodbye to them, it all of a sudden felt very real.

We boarded our plane on time and all was well. Both Kel and I love flying so no worries there 😉 Kel had only been on two international flights before – our honeymoon to Fiji – so an almost twelve hour flight was a new experience for him.

As the plane took off, we turned to each other and grinned. The months of planning had come to end, we were finally living it!

Now unlike a lot of people, I quite enjoy airplane food. You might never trust my opinion foodwise again knowing i do, however to me, airline food is in a league of it’s own. I don’t compare it to cafes or restaurants or home because it’s not. You can’t. I enjoy it for what it is (unless of course, it is disgusting).

Anyway this is what I chose for dinner (I apologise for the quality of the photo – it was taken on my iPhone):

Our 2014 Overseas Adventure: Day 1 00From top right going clockwise: Smoked Salmon with a kind of potato salad, carrot cake, beef and mushroom casserole with steamed veggies and rice,  and a bread roll with butter

I found it all quite tasty and enjoyable. And yes, for our six and a half week adventure, i did break my grain free diet. However that is for another post.

For the rest of the evening Kel watched movies and I read my book and then we got some shut eye.

And that was the end of day 1. Exciting, huh?