Obviously one of our shared passions is food and one of the reasons we started this blog. Some of the particular aspects that we are really passionate about and will be sharing with you on this blog are:

Cafe/Restaurant Standards We used to frequent a lot of cafes and restaurants, however we have had to stop. We just are so disappointed with what is on offer. We don’t want to be food snobs but we are not prepared to pay for food that is not up to standard. And it saddens us when we see people raving about how wonderful a place is and it is quite under par. We feel that people are adjusting their standards to what is on offer rather than expecting more from the industry. People have no problem whingeing about the size of a Big Mac and how it is becoming a rip off to buy, however most are more than happy to pay top dollar for tinned mushrooms on toast at a cafe. It doesn’t make sense! The saying, “You get what you pay for” is definitely not the case in the hospitality industry. We are more than happy to have a burger from Hungry Jack’s however we wouldn’t pay $15 for it. We are equally more than happy to eat at a high quality restaurant and pay top dollar. What we are not happy about is being served a mediocre at best meal, and paying what we would at a high quality restaurant.

Traditional Cooking We are really interested in the traditional methods of cooking/baking/preserving/curing etc. from all around the world. Kel is especially interested in the cured meats and Laura in the different cheeses. We hope to not only share with you our finds but also make connections to learn from others (we would love to visit Italy and stay with a family in the countryside and experience their lifestyle and learn all of their secrets).

Sugar Free It is well known that sugar isn’t good for us. We are currently trying to eradicate as much sugar from our diet as possible, not only to lose weight but to also be fitter and healthier. We are no longer addicted to sugar and all of our food products that we do not make ourselves, we buy the non sugar version (like mustard – can you believe that some mustard contains sugar?). However we do like our cakes and desserts so we are researching possible sugar alternatives for those times when we feel like a special treat.

Supermarket Specifications Coming Soon

Home Brew Coming Soon

Cheese Making Coming Soon


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