Costco Haul

In 2008, Costco started building their first warehouse in Australia. Since then multiple warehouses have opened up around the place.

I’ve always wanted to visit however i didn’t really feel the need to join. Kel, on the other hand, was as keen as a baked bean to visit, join, and buy.

Last December, on our way home from visiting some family, i said to Kel we could drive home through Canberra this time and visit Costco. So we did.

To be honest, it wasn’t as big as i thought it would be. And i thought it was going to have all of your USA goodies available. They have some, however there are mainly just Australian brands, just in bigger versions than what you can get in supermarkets. As we don’t buy a lot of ready made items, we cook most things from scratch, there wasn’t a whole lot that interested us. We did find some great buys though, and if we visit on a regular basis then the joining fee will probably be worth our while.

I think my favourite section to look at was the bakery. Everything was HUGE.

Costco Pumpkin PiesPumpkin Pies

Costco Apple PiesApple Pies

Costco Chocolate Mud CakesChocolate Mud Cakes

The dairy section was pretty impressive too. They had quite a range of cheeses and the prices were really good.

Costco BrieHalf a kilo of Brie! And Australian Certified Organic too

Costco NutellaMassive Nutellas

The best part was the cafeteria though!

Costco Hot DogFor like $2, you can get a Hot Dog with unlimited free drink refills. Winning!

Costco Cheese PizzaThe slice of cheese pizza was cheap too and as big as the plate

Costco Chicken and Mushroom PizzaSame with the chicken and mushroom pizza slice

So after all that, what did we end up buying?

Costco VinegarCostco Mustard and PIneappleCostco White Wine

Costco CheeseWe obviously couldn’t resist the Brie!

Costco Kettle ChipsI couldn’t resist buying this massive bag of Kettle chips for my Mum – she is obsessed with Kettle chips!

Costco DanishesLast but not least, we couldn’t resist splurging on some danishes. I’d been craving them for ages and these were actually really good. Definitely satisfied the craving!

Overall the trip was fun and we got some great bargains. I don’t know how often we will end up shopping at Costco, i guess we will find out how much we want our membership when it’s time for renewal!