Molasses Whoopie Pies Filled with Italian Buttercream

Try saying that several times fast.

As i mentioned in that very long post of mine, Stop Judging – A Message From A 10 Year Acne Sufferer, Kel and i have decided to eat grain free. The problem with this however was that not even a week before we decided this, i had made a mega batch of molasses chocolate cake for our morning teas. Now what? Eat it anyway? Chuck it? No way. When something contains organic wholemeal flour and organic molasses you do not throw it or even feed it to your pigs. You might think, why don’t you be generous and give people cake. People love cake! Well, sadly, not this one. Unless you are SERIOUSLY serious about eating sugar free. This cake has zero sugar in it, only molasses and there is NO other flavour.

Anyway i trawled the Internet trying to find recipes to use up this massive amount of cake, to disguise it so that it would appeal to the common man. I found a cake crumb cookie recipe and i gave it a go. It worked really well and people loved the cookies. Problem solved. Not. You see the actual amount of cake crumbs needed for the recipe was quite small. With the amount of cake i had, i could have made the recipe approximately twelve times over resulting in over 400 cookies. Yikes. I tried again. I found another recipe that would use half my cake crumbs in one go. Brilliant! Except that they weren’t that sweet and they were so cakey they weren’t really cookies. Hmmm. Maybe i could sandwich two cookies together with a super sweet filling! This is where the leftover Italian buttercream from my Mum’s birthday cake came in. You see i had followed a recipe that made enough to cover a three tier wedding cake (i only realised this after i had made it) so yeah, i had plenty. The result? Basically a Whoopie Pie. Did it work? Were the masses happy? You bet. I even had one person come back to me asking if i was going to make more because they loved them so much. I didn’t tell him why i made them in the first place 😉

Molasses Whoopie Pies filled with Italian Buttercream

Molasses Whoopies Pies Filled With Italian Buttercream

As this recipe was used with leftover cake and leftover buttercream, i have no real idea of quantities. I will try and record how i did everything however if you try and replicate it and it doesn’t work, i take no responsibility!

The original recipe i used for the molasses chocolate cake was this one. It’s actually just for a regular chocolate cake and i  substituted the sugar for molasses and reduced the amount of liquid.

The recipe i used for the cake crumb cookies was this one, and i omitted the oatmeal and walnuts.

And then the recipe for the Italian Buttercream is one i have mentioned using before, and is this one.

Aren’t i good in not just pretending that all the recipes were my own?

If you ever do make them, i would love to hear what you thought!


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