The End Of The End

On Monday the mobile butcher came to cull the last of the piglets. As you may remember from Death: The Reality of a Farm Life, Miss Piggy and the rest of the piglets, bar two who were being used on a friend’s property to clear some ground for them, were culled. Those two after awhile were moved onto Kel’s parents new property to clear the space for the polytunnel that will be going up there. They did their job so it too, became their turn.

Two PigletsObviously they aren’t little piglets anymore!

The cull went as well as could be, however the butcher declared that they were the hairiest pigs he’d done all year so he wasn’t too impressed by that (it took him a lot longer to to dehair them and even then there are remnants).

This then is the end of the end. We’re sad to have had to say goodbye to raising pigs for now, especially Kel, as he’s really the one who looked after them. It may be a long time before we breed pigs again, if ever, however hopefully it won’t be too long before we raise just a couple for when we’ve run out of pork in our freezer (although at the moment with the amount we have, that feels like a LONG time away).

It’s amazing too the timing of it all – on Tuesday it was exactly one month until the baby was due! The end of one chapter sees the beginning of another.


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